ERP Workshop

This informative ERP software selection & readiness workshop is designed for executives to better understand the approach to ERP software package selection and how to deal with vendors and their offers.

The audience should be composed of company leadership, senior executives, and key departmental users and not be greater than 5-10 attendees in order to maximize the learning opportunity.

The key outputs of the workshop will be:

  • An increased understanding of how to approach ERP software package selection & readiness.
  • As a company, have an idea of what steps to take to prepare for ERP.
  • How to avoid any selection bias that may adversely influence the correct decision.
  • A checklist that outlines the key points you and your team should consider when considering an ERP package for your company.
  • Understanding the true costs of ERPs.

ERP selections in Sri Lanka often revolve around numerous proposals, demos and pricing. This is not the full picture of an ERP selection by any measure nor can vendors be left up to their own devices without your involvement. The key elements of an ERP selection starts with your managers knowing what they are doing and why they are doing it beyond a senior directive to simply get an ERP system. This whole-of-company effort requires buy-in from management at many levels, and users too, in order for it to be a successful outcome. Find out more at our insightful ERP Workshop for managers.