Change ERP

If you have outgrown your current ERP solution or are unhappy with your decision it is critical to consider changing your ERP in order for your business to move forward and grow.

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It might be that your original ERP was chosen without adequate due diligence or based on a recommendation and this solution may not have suited your organization.

It is often a difficult process to undo an ERP implementation and bring in another solution altogether. However, the correct approach here will ensure that you do not repeat any initial mistakes and do infact obtain the correct solution for your company’s needs moving forward.

Our ERP workshop catered to changing your ERP looks into what areas you need to pay particular attention to when changing your current ERP be it for growth purposes or lack of satisfaction.

The key outputs of the workshop will be:

  • 2nd chance viewpoint from a managerial perspective
  • Lessons learned from your past process
  • Pitfalls to avoid 2nd time around