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SMEs in Sri Lanka have a great challenge in growth in that they are often limited by resources and also face great odds in their survival.  Market changes, such as newly imposed government taxes and resulting changes in buyer behavior, can significantly impact them in the short term and cash flows are typically locked in with limited flexibility to adapt to changes.


The challenge is exasperated by the fact that SMEs generally are operated in a pre-IT era style where technology, apart from the obvious desktop pcs, is not leveraged to address their markets. This is primarily due to a lack of knowledge in this area in such firms as there is no role to warrant dedicated staff for this purpose. Even if IT personnel are present, they generally tend to revolve mostly around maintenance topics rather than as an asset focused on improving business processes. The strategic challenge is clear!


There is a multitude of ways that SME’s can leverage IT in their firms. The most evident and cost effective is by using web technology given that Sri Lanka has excellent internet coverage and low development costs for tools such as websites designed for sales. How do these integrate to your business however? Its not just about putting up a new website.  This is often the part overlooked by many where new IT assets are not generating the value that it can beyond simple information provision. That aspect squarely lies with the processes of a company and how streamlined they are to leverage the new technologies.


If you are looking to leverage IT for your firm, talk to us and find out which methods are most appropriate for you. Even if you have existing assets that are perhaps under-utilized we can come up with processes for you to improve their effectiveness in your business.


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