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Selecting the right erp system

The toughest decision to make when selecting an ERP system is by far where to get quality advice on how to go about the decision.

How would your management, looking for an ERP system in Sri Lanka, overcome this hurdle?

One of the best methods for your management to gain the necessary training is to participate in an ERP workshop where you and your team sit with an experienced professional in ERP selection and go through the key decisions you need to make and for what reasons you are making them. Your corporate goals for instance, in why you are looking for a system, have to be defined and have to evolve beyond rudimentary departmental requirements into tangible business outcomes.

Shortlisting and evaluating ERP software solutions has to follow a structured format addressing both features and flexibility. Ultimately you should understand that business requirements do change over time and your system should also be adaptable to such changes and cost-effectively!

The next step may be to formulate the project team who will handle the project from your firm’s side. This team has to be cross-functional and have leadership to match for decision making ability.

Another point would be how you would evaluate the proposals given by various vendors for both quality and effectiveness. The solution should fit your needs and pricing should be transparent.


There are more points you need to look at when considering an ERP solution in Sri Lanka. To find out more please call us at 0770415387 to schedule an ERP workshop for your team.