Boost Your Digital Marketing Success


Boost Your Digital Marketing Success

Digital multi-channel marketing for e-commerce in Sri Lanka is the grey area of a few experts who claim a lot of things and sell various plans that take months to show results. When those results come out they are generally mediocre at best and don’t convert to sales and you have already burned at least 3 months waiting and investing. What if you could do digital marketing differently that shows results much faster?

What we have come up with at ERP Services is a toolkit of digital marketing products from our select partners to assist with boosting your online ad spend ROI, increase your average order value, and significantly reduce your client acquisition costs. Along-with automating your online sales channels with chat tools to capture leads even when you are not there, we will additionally help in automating your social media posts with little effort from your side so your engagement rates remain high and increasing without the burden of actually doing it!

Imagine having these automation tools in place so that your sites can sell actively and bring in valuable information to launch the right campaigns VS guessing!

We will help you find new categories of customers from your existing analytics data and also help you find products with organic traction that you can use target campaigns for. Our teams will analyze your data and come up with new product and demographic segment ideas for you to position smart campaigns that give higher conversion rates and boost your online sales.

ERP Services will integrate the correct digital toolset to fit your budget and craft your customer journey. We combine a mix of high performance digital tools as well as traditional SEO and SEM support to get you going – our solutions are proven in both domestic and international markets.

Call us at 0770415387 to see if your firm can avail of our digital marketing automation tools today and boost your online sales revenues!