Web Technology for Tourism – Marketing your Tourism Business Better Online


Web Technology for Tourism

One of the most challenging tasks for tourism firms in Sri Lanka is how to market their products once established. Although much efforts and investment are poured in to create brilliant concepts the last mile challenge, which is marketing, is often left up to luck and chance. Build a better mouse trap and they will come?

A single article in Explore Sri Lanka wont do the trick either. We have to look at far more integrated approaches that leverage numerous channels when looking at marketing and promotion for the highly competitive and booming tourism sector in Sri Lanka.

Is there one golden formula that works? With the internet this is true and false as there are so many boutiques, tour operators, and hoteliers out there with similar concepts all claiming theirs is the best destination or offer. How do you even begin to stand out and offer an easy to use way to interact between your would-be customers and yourself?


We at ERP Services understand this very challenge and work with you to develop a unique full scale marketing kit including websites, search engine support, booking systems, agent management systems, and even content writing that does justice to your destination. Contact us at 0770415387 or email us at info@erpservices.lk for more help on how to make your tourism operation more successful!