3 Key signs that you need to change your ERP System


key importance of your erp system

One of the most frustrating situations for managers is when their existing system or process is not delivering results or barely keeping up with the daily operation. This type of chaotic scenario is commonplace for most Sri Lankan managerial environments.


It can be a challenging situation for managers and line workers alike who wish to operate in a more organized and professional manner. Not only are staff impacted, but customers also inadvertently bare the consequences and ultimately pay for a seller having a sluggish system. In Sri Lanka, although customers seem to tolerate such systematic flaws, it is better to correct these situations and have a much more efficient operation and far more fruitful relationships with customers.


There are few very clear signs that should indicate to you that your existing ERP system or process is not meeting the mark and is in need for change.


  1. You are trying to gather data for management reports and it’s taking forever to get accurate information via staff who use various external systems to record info rather than your existing ERP. This results in a loss in productivity for managerial staff and a serious impact on the company’s ability to make timely and informed decisions that affect the bottom-line.


  1. Your customers are unhappy and are reporting delays in deliveries and/or are switching to competitors gradually and you are not able to see the trend. It may be that your internal purchasing department is not being informed of critical reorders on time and backlogs pile up in production as a result impacting your sales and deliveries. Further to this customer issues are not being captured systematically not enabling you to see where the issues are coming from.


  1. Your staff avoid using the system due to difficulty or lack of understanding and prefer instead to use Excel or even pen and paper. If staff are not aware of processes and are not trained to use an integrated system it will be very difficult to deliver quality to customers or to run an efficient operation.


If the above signs are prevalent in your company this is a telling sign that your current system is in need of change and it must not be delayed. Changing a system is not an easy task, however the cost of not changing a badly running system is worse in terms of lost revenues and loss of brand equity over time.


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