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We leverage our multi-country ERP knowledge from both vendor and buyer perspectives to provide you an ERP consultation experience so you understand the real ways in which ERP selections should go. Use our experience to learn how to understand what ERP vendors are telling you and what it really means; engage us for high quality ERP consulting services and successful project outcomes.

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The Sri Lankan market for ERP systems has grown considerably during the post-war era marking a major boost in local industry and confidence from firms to undertake more growth oriented activity. A multitude of options now crowd the Sri Lankan ERP landscape with brands such as SAP (Business one), Microsoft (Dynamics AX, Nav), IFS, Oracle, Infor, Abas and Sage rounding out the international players. Domestic contenders such as Blue Lotus 360 and Bileeta have also entered the fray with even more developers entering the market to address localized needs at much lower price points. The challenge in choosing an ERP system in Sri Lanka has never been more difficult for businesses given this growth and need. This is further exasperated by the fact that there are generally no qualified personnel on a company’s team to effectively select ERP as this is generally delegated to the realms of IT gurus and vendors. However, the fact of the matter is that upon observing the selection processes across many countries and cultures in Asia, there are several points that when taken into consideration can greatly help companies select an appropriate ERP or enterprise software solution for the long term.

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