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The Sri Lankan market for ERP systems has grown considerably during the post-war era marking a major boost in local industry and confidence from firms to undertake more growth oriented activity. A multitude of options now crowd the Sri Lankan ERP landscape with brands such as SAP (Business one), Microsoft (Dynamics AX, Nav), IFS, Oracle, Infor, Abas, and Sage rounding out the international players. Domestic contenders such as Blue Lotus 360 and Bileeta have also entered the fray with even more developers entering the market to address localized needs at much lower price points. The challenge in choosing an ERP system in Sri Lanka has never been more difficult for businesses given this growth and need. This is further exasperated by the fact that there are generally no qualified personnel on a company’s team to effectively select ERP as this is generally delegated to the realms of IT gurus and vendors. However, the fact of the matter is that upon observing the selection processes across many countries and cultures in Asia, there are several points that when taken into consideration can greatly help companies select an appropriate ERP or enterprise software solution for the long term.

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ERP Selection Support

ERP Services can help you with our selection support services given our vast experience across multiple ERP selection journeys in numerous countries. As we have... Read More

ERP Project Management

The blunt truth is that ERP deployments generally fail in the project stage more often than not. This is largely due to poor planning and... Read More

Change ERP

If you have outgrown your current ERP solution or are unhappy with your decision it is critical to consider changing your ERP in order for... Read More

Digital Transformation

Do you often wish you could have better ways to enable your business using digitization? Like letting your customers inquire, view inventory, & place and... Read More

10 Tips

10 Tips for successful ERP projects

Our 10 Tips guide for successful ERP projects is designed to give Sri Lankan managers a quick check on some critical areas of ERP projects. The list identifies the key points your senior teams should be mindful of when embarking on an ERP selection process. The points will give you an overview idea on planning and how to generate successful ERP outcomes keeping a real check on what’s important at selection and project level from the company’s perspective. The early understanding of these key points will allow for far more successful ERP selections and give you a reality check on what is really involved in ERP projects.

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    “ERP Services gave us good advice for across our enterprise software products in terms of communication, support models, and SaaS pricing strategies so we could increase our ERP solution sales scope in Sri Lanka. The ERP Services leadership is professional and have expert knowledge in the ERP industry. ERP services also matched us with the right type of client and their needs for a successful project outcome. As a software provider looking to increase sales, we got high-quality support leads who were converted without much hassle. We are embarking on the next phase of digital sales growth with ERP Services.”

    N. Attanayake, CEO

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    A partner of the highest quality if you ever need a one as opposed to just a consultant. ERPservices came to us with a client requirement around ERP deployment challenges. Their process was such that they screened both our capabilities and leadership ensuring we could deliver and honour our commitments. ERPservices then stayed in the delivery process ensuring that communications were smooth given a multivendor environment and was a valuable sounding board when required. You simply wont have to think twice about the experience and the integrity!

    R. Silva, CEO

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    We had the immediate task of finding a “technically competent integration partner” to migrate a SAP B1 installation at one of the MAS SBU’s.

    Challenge was to locate said expertise locally, due to the lack of choices within the available eco system.

    I came across the service offering’s provided by ERP Services which was effectively addressed by ERP Services – who were able to redirect me to the best team capable of executing the project.

    From project initiation to completion the constant follow-up provided by the team at ERP Services was top notch and assisted in bringing sustainable solutions to the table!

    N. De Silva, Manager – Central IT Sourcing, MAS

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    LCA started its search for a development partner to maintain and migrate its legacy DMS/SCM solution in 2020 and ERP Services was supporting our partner search. ERP Services had deep knowledge on B2B technology relationships on how to evaluate potential candidates as per our stringent requirements for budgets, core skills, and for working across multiple countries coordinating teams. The support of ERP Services was invaluable to find our solution partner and then onboard them. We envision a long term relationship with both

    A. Tedjamulja, Senior Consultant, LCA Core Sdn Bhd

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    ERP Services supported St Regis Packaging to select the solution vendor in our selection process. Their candid advice was vital in focussing our efforts and keeping vendors to what expectations were. We are glad that ERP Services continues to support the success of our ERP deployment post selection

    St. Regis Packaging

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