IT for SMEs

Do you often wish you could have better ways to enable your business using online technologies? Like letting your customers inquire, view inventory, & place and even pay for orders online easily?

You may not be aware of where to begin or whom to talk to about such functionality.

In a brief consulting session find out how easily and cost effectively you can get appropriate and cost effective online functionality integrated into your business and start saving time and money.

The key benefits of this IT workshop:

  • Plan your operation with IT strategy in mind
  • Gain insights into improving customer response and satisfaction rates
  • Identify which IT solutions are relevant to your business and competitive landscape

Depending on fit, we can also provide you with other ideas on solutions such as mobile, or enterprise which can save a lot of time and costs for your business in order to grow it.

The Sri Lankan SME landscape is playing catch-up in adopting information technology as a strategic part of their core business. This has a lot to do with the understanding of how technology, especially web-based tools, can support and further enhance current activities. Does a cloud based CRM make sense for you to manage your customer database for instance?
Digital marketing presents even greater challenges, as traditional methods of marketing are no longer as effective in reaching target markets or new customers. What is critical to realize now is that this trend has been going for some time and it will only become more relevant. In Sri Lanka, for example, the adoption of online payments has been late, however now it’s recognized more as a must have for customer services and operational efficiency. It is imperative that SMEs have an IT strategy as part of the plan to enhance their core business areas. Our IT workshop for SMEs is designed specifically to address this need.