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Digital Transformation for Sri Lankan Firms

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What is digital transformation beyond being a buzzword that is making the rounds in Sri Lankan business communities and the short lecture circuit. This term is causing great commotion in management circles not only because of its ambiguity, but also because of how relevant it is to the future of anyone’s business! The depth and… Read More

Top ERP New Year Goals for 2017

A new financial year dawns for many in April and in Sri Lanka that is also traditionally a time of re-evaluating your progress and future potential. Is your ERP system on track helping you achieve everything you planned for 2017? Here are 8 ERP new year resolutions we believe every business should be targeting in… Read More

Getting your company ready for ERP in 3 steps

ERP deployments are not easy no matter how many vendors will tell you so. This is a change management initiative that will have lasting repercussions on your business. In Sri Lanka this is a rather complex matter given the management structures that are in place and the general disregard that prevails for IT software solutions…. Read More

Web Technology for Tourism – Marketing your Tourism Business Better Online

One of the most challenging tasks for tourism firms in Sri Lanka is how to market their products once established. Although much efforts and investment are poured in to create brilliant concepts the last mile challenge, which is marketing, is often left up to luck and chance. Build a better mouse trap and they will… Read More

How do you evaluate ERP Demos?

When you are looking for an enterprise resource planning solution an inevitable step of the screening process for the right solution is the product demo. ERPs are experiential and visuals are vital in the sales processes. Most executives want to go straight into a demo however this is a well-rehearsed sales demo and it’s designed… Read More