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Lets ask two questions:

Do you work with Excel, but wish it could be more reporting friendly to help make critical management decisions?

Do you have a lot of data, but are out of luck how to extract value out of it?


Your answers are now here!

Business intelligence by Jedox promises a transparent, smarter and faster way for Sri Lankan managers to bring their business to the next level of performance with simplified planning and analytics anywhere!

Cut down the amount of time spent gathering data for presentations, reports, and board meetings by using Jedox that is Excel friendly; your familiar environment with the added power of Jedox business intelligence.

Find out more about how the latest version of Jedox empowers you with exceptional reporting capabilities across any device.

Find out more about Jedox 6 here and register for the Jedox 6 launch webinar here.

Drawing from its German roots, Jedox boasts global clients such as ABB, Mercedes Benz, Lafarge. Siemens, SKF, Unilever, Goodyear Dunlop Tires, and BP to name a few. See more clients here.

Contact us for more information about Jedox and how you can make use of this powerful tool in your company!

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